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Vala: Books from a better world

Whether it is leadership, zen cooking, storytelling, forgiveness or creative writing, all our books explore brave and authentic ways of thinking and being.

While our style is welcoming and personal, we publish powerful and distinctive narratives to help you think and act differently, in response to the challenges of our time. Our aim is to help you discover strength and inspiration through lived stories of learning and transformation.

We are a cooperative. Our members include authors, readers and book professionals.


The photo of Stonehenge: by Simon Wakefield (09_HDR Stonehenge) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

We all want to save the world!

10 April 2015

Peter Reason muses on books, changing the world, frustration, giving of our best, and unforeseeable consequences.

The Crystal Mirror is published in South Korea

13 March 2015

For the first time, one of our books, The Crystal Mirror, has been translated into a foreign tongue - Korean


"The narrative is lyrical and thoughtful"

Rubery Book Awards 2014: Winner, non-fiction category


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